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This is my first ever blog. I'm going to make this a regular way of connecting with all of my great clients and supporters.
So, the subject of my first blog is a cause close to my heart. Those who know me well will know that I always like doing a project most years that touches on the environmental, or social or political, or all three!!!

Last year, after more devastating fires over Indonesia and the destruction of more of the Orangutans habitat I started thinking about how to help keep their home and natural habitat  and that of the people living around them.

For over a year now I have been working on this project to bring the plight of these gorgeous creatures to the fore and do my bit to say NO to the use of palm oil and it's by products. It's a long and complicated chain that many of us along with large Corporations like Fonterra play a part in and can help to change. We think that we are only one person with one voice but if we join together and start with small changes we can make a difference.
Why this? Well there are many valid causes to put your oar behind in our own country and the world, both environmental and human but as there are so many I feel I just  have to pick a couple and go for positive change with them.
Saving the Orangutans of course is more complex than this. They need the forests left alone so they can survive. The village people near them need clean air to breathe as does the whole of lower Asia. Big companies like our own Fonterra need to stop supporting these dangerous practices by buying the by product Palm kernels which have now become a product of their own. There has to be more thought than just profit. We need to start thinking of others, human and creatures and environment. We need to put our future world ahead of a few making a killing now.The shortsightedness of the powers in our world cause much of the problems in our world. I guess I understand this well as an artist. We often have to justify our work as we don't always generate huge financial results and that is seen as disposable, a bit like the Orangutans.
My project
I have made a series of little orangutans based on the monkey in the kids game A Barrel of Monkeys which I played with as a child.
I cast one up in wax and ‘Orangutaned it’, giving it fur on it’s head and arms, adding a bum and a bit of a tum! I Then I had it cast in silver and then that piece was 3D imaged.
I have had them 3D printed and am making brooch pins and earrings from them. I have 2 sizes. The larger ones are pins/brooches and the smaller are earrings
They come in a variety of colours, green, orange, fawn and white so far.
I am  donating a $5 of each sale to The Orangutan Project cause. 
These cost $30 each for the pins and $45 for the earrings and as I have got them printed in a few different places, they vary a little in colour and detail. The learning curve of 3D!!!! 
I am planning a series of mini shows with these sometimes on their own and sometimes as part of a bigger project. 
You can contact me on diane@dianeconnal.com and see more on my website dianeconnal.com
I have a few images below. 



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