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Jewellery design my way explained

BENCH PEG Design is an intriguing process for me. I start with an idea, that is the easy part, and change that idea into drawings. From there I work through the detail of how I am going to make the drawings work as a practical design and a functioning piece of jewellery. I remember when I was at Uni and we used to be given projects to complete in a time frame. It seemed SOOOO hard at first. I’d stress over every little thing and about whether the idea is good enough, doable etc. Now, I have so many ideas that there isn’t enough time in the year to draw up and execute them all. I see designs and inspiration all around me in my daily life.   I’m drawn to putting bits and pieces into my designs that wouldn’t traditionally be associated with jewellery. I’ve have always done this, even right back at the beginning when the style didn’t have a name. My tutors thought I was way off course and a bit nuts! I proved them wrong as this is now called incorporating Found Objects. Now who’s nu

New Beginnings

Jewellery – handmade and home grown - BENCH PEG In these interesting times that we’re all living through. This time at home without the distractions of coffees and visitors has given me the chance to really look at what I do. It made it easier to focus my busy mind. I’m very excited to be launching my new website for my jewellery and artworks. My blogs are named Bench Peg. You may wonder why bench peg? Well it’s after the piece of wood that I do a lot of my work on in the workshop. It is attached to my work bench and I saw and drill on it, opps! not meant to be doing that. It’s the place where I do what I do. I love my bench peg (pic of it below). Making handmade and bespoke jewellery my passion. It all started when I was a girl of 15 and used to make fruit and other pieces of jewellery out of Fimo to sell on the street. I had a Hawkers licence. It cost $10 and I had to be interviewed by the police to make sure I was of good character … I passed! Jeff Besos had nothing