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Hey world, check these cool dudes out!

Hi,  This is my first ever blog. I'm going to make this a regular way of connecting with all of my great clients and supporters. So, the subject of my first blog is a cause close to my heart. Those who know me well will know that I always like doing a project most years that touches on the environmental, or social or political, or all three!!! Last year, after more devastating fires over Indonesia and the destruction of more of the Orangutans habitat I started thinking about how to help keep their home and natural habitat   and that of the people living around them. For over a year now I have been working on this project to bring the plight of these gorgeous creatures to the fore and do my bit to say NO  to the use of palm oil and it's by products. It's a long and complicated chain that many of us along with large Corporations like Fonterra play a part in and can help to change. We think that we are only one person with one voice but if we join together and start wi