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Colour that glows

  BENCH PEG The Poppy collection is one of my favourites and bestselling ranges of work. The pieces burst into life when I was invited to be part of a show that was celebrating ANZAC Day. The theme was looking at people at home during the war. This often focused on woman who stepped into the jobs that men had done before the war. Also, living in a world where their brothers, sons and husbands were on the other side of the world fighting a war that often didn’t make sense to those in our part of the world. I based my initial designs for the exhibition on letters of woman living and working in New Zealand during the war. The badges and lapels of my Uncles Navy Jacket and hat were used as the base of designs also. I displayed them in boxes with copies of letters and photos of my Aunty and Uncle. From there a friend suggested that I make earrings and so the challenge was excepted. I then moved onto brooches and necklaces. After a while I thought hmmmmm? Some other colours would l