Deal to winter and it's blues

Like many people, I'm not that keen on our winter in New Zealand. It is cold, windy, wet. It tends to be more isolating especially for those of us who work alone and harder to bring your 'get up and go' to the fore.
But that is the negative side of winter. There are many aspects of it that I do love.
I live close to the beach and enjoy almost daily walks. I love the winter beach. It is very different from a summer one. It often has a lot more wood washed up on it, plenty of Flotsam and Jetsam to search through. There is a sharpness to the atmosphere and it brings a brightness to all colours. Or, alternately there are the days when the mist rolls in and the world looks soft and far away. The sunsets too are amazing in winter. Rich reds and soft pink and blues. Just gorgeous. All of these things have an influence on my work. I tend to see designs in my environment. The shapes, objects, textures and hues. 
I also do much of my new designing at this time of the year. It's often hard to be in the studio due to it's location and coldness so I use this time to work on new designs that I will launch at my galleries and design stores in Spring. 
As an artist, I would rather be making than doing all the other business things I need to do to actually get what I do in the public eye, but it is all that other stuff that is the key to success. I have a great group of galleries and stores throughout the country and in Australia and they are so important to the success of my business. This time of year is a great time to connect with them too, talk about what is selling, what the like and not so much, what they would like in the spring. 
So when you are feeling that this winter is turning your world blue - embrace the blue!!!!!! - blue is a great colour, Picasso loved it, he had a whole Blue period. Make that blue work for you. 
When I can't manage that, I turn my mind to the thought that Spring is just around the corner. 


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